Ashley Walters - How You Like Me Now (Desi Mix)

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Dynamic Rapper and critically acclaimed actor, Ashley Walters, returns to his musical roots with his new track How Do You Like Me Now, through SK Records.

Well known for being part of collective, So Solid Crew and his extensive acting career by staring in Hollywood blockbusters ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’ alongside 50 Cent and ‘Stormbreaker’ with Mickey Rourke and Ewan McGregor.

Since then he has become one of the most respected actors in the UK, starring in TV dramas such as Small Island and Hustle, and most recently the critically acclaimed Top Boy and BBC drama; Inside Man.

Giving fans a taste of what’s ahead, Ashley is dropping How You Like Me Now, with his first official release on SK Records due 29th July 2012.
The Official Desi Mix on the EP has been produced by internationally acclaimed and Best NRI Music Producer award winner Northern Lights who is known for hit tracks such as Janaab, Nakreh and more recently Bollywood remixes of tracks for hit films Ready and Delly Belly.

Tarv from Northern Lights introduces the influence of his own younger brother Wizzy Wiz to create a new sound for Urban Desi and features the vocal talents of Mehi, an amazing vocal talent who is part of the same team.  This is the Urban Desi Anthem of the summer that will be played around the world on release.