Geeta Zaildar - Sardar

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Geeta Zailder gets to ready to release the track titled 'Sardar' music by Prabh Near (Prabhi), who has given hits such as Hathyar (Gurminder Maddoke), Nach Ke Harauna (Sony Dhugga), Facebook (Sandeep Sony), Chakk Chakk, and Pani Paa Ke!


"One Man Army" describes this man perfectly. Stepping into the music field as composer, singer, lyricist, music producer, sound designer and list goes on.

Prabh Near (prabhi) belongs to a musical family and has extensively learned and been trained in classical and folk music. He can play numerous instruments, including harmonium, piano, tabla, dholak, and drums to name a few. Prabhi started his career as a music arranger before producing music on his own.

He is currently working on a number of projects with various singers and music banners.

More Information Coming Soon.


0 #2 mandizzle 2012-07-26 07:12
post promo 2 , this promo sucks, release date?
the punjab
+6 #1 the punjab 2012-07-06 07:27
geeta tryin to fix him image after singing all these rubbish songs degrading our punjabi culture... after that big protest front of diljit and honey singhs house they said they are going after geeta and i guess geeta got scared...

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