EN KARMA - Incendiary Force in Bhangra Worldwide

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It’s been two years since North America’s only live Bhangra band released their critically acclaimed debut self-entitled album. After some time reveling in their worldwide success, band members reconvened in countless studio hours in Vancouver to self-produce a second album.

Sounding fresh and up to date without losing the essence of what En Karma is all about: Bhangra, summer 2012 heralds the six-member band’s official return. The big, loud forthcoming album, Tohar Naal Jeena includes many new influences/collaborations and of course, everything fans love about En Karma. The first eponymous single off the album, Tu Nach releasing worldwide May 31st, reveals a refined sound from the band, peppered with fast-paced Bhangra beats.

En Karma continues to play whenever they can and seem to show no fear of crossing borders to reach new audiences. For the uninitiated, Bhangra is a popular dance music style that is a global fusion of Punjabi folk traditions. As emerging leaders of the Bhangra movement, En Karma have quickly generated international buzz. Formed in 2006 by the six-member band of friends, who hail far and wide, and came together with one mutual goal in mind: to create music that people would love dancing to, as much as the band loved playing it. Their love for music and camaraderie drives them to create something new and unique. As long as those things exist in unison, they continue on the path the music paves. The latest release and album embodies the values and experiences of En Karma while allowing the listener to see how the band has evolved in sound.

The Men Behind the Music:

JP Dhesi - Dholak

Ricky Thinda - Bass / Guitar

Inder Kooner - Vocals

Ravi Binning - Dhol

Pip Dhaliwal - Drums

Nick Chowlia – Keyboards/Synthesizers/Samples

The unique vocals and instrumentals of En Karma have sparked interest in modern Bhangra for a new generation. En Karma embodies, as the saying goes, six musicians that march to the beat of their own drummer, tilt toward experimentation, collaborate only with those who share their passion, create new sounds, and, by extension, construct rip-roaring musical sensations. Together, they have created a sound that strikes the perfect balance between traditional Bhangra and contemporary fusion. Added to a backbone of Bhangra, they intersperse elements of rock, reggae and R&B.

En Karma has become a reawakening of live Bhangra performance and has become an incendiary force in Bhangra worldwide. Drawing on their UK inspirations for live band arrangements and infused with their more contemporary influences in Vancouver, En Karma has created a unique Bhangra sound that is all their own.

The band self-produced, their first album earned extensive acclaim for its infectious Bhangra rock anthems, sexy hooks, and rough-and-tumble grooves. The debut album hit number one on the Canadian World Music charts for iTunes and number three in the UK world music charts. Their video single for “Tere Bina Nahi Nachna” remained in the top ten BBC Asian Music charts for 10 weeks. The album featured collaborations with the UK’s Bhangra sensation H. Dhami, megastars KS Makhan, Sanjay Seran, Vancouver’s Hip Hop star A-Slam, and Toronto’s MC JD. The band has performed with the likes of Malkit Singh, Shin from DCS, and Sufi performer, Saieen Zahoor Ahmed.

In 2010, En Karma was nominated for a Brit Asia Award, headlined the Spotlight on India showcase at CMW in Toronto, and performed three times during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. En Karma is currently performing with Jazzy B and Sherry Mann in the US stretch of the Maharajas Tour.

In the meantime, check out the song's YouTube Video Teaser

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