SK1 releases Sapni Video

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SK1 releases his brand new video 'Sapni' featuring music by e1seven.

After the success of 'Unpredictable', Kiss Records is proud to announce the much-awaited return of established artist SK1. This Punjab-born versatile singer has given us hits such as 'Lagiaan', 'Tera Style' and 'Gidheya De Vich' and he is now ready to hit back with his brand new single for 2012.

'Sapni' has a fresh, vibrant and upbeat sound incorporating the traditional Punjabi vocals written by the renowned Jaspal S Soos (USA), further complimented by the production of debut producer e1seven. SK1 is breaking new barriers to resonate with his younger audience by bringing a dynamic pop sound.

SK1 also has another treat in store for his more traditional audience, with an exclusive Desi mix from the production team Kazman and Dj Naz.

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