Gagz Mehta to release Tanhaiya

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GAGZ MEHTA presents TANHAIYA with a new and fresh approach to the concept of love and heart aches; This is second release from this young UK based artist, First being the song : SIP-SIP feat. Inderjeet nikku of Punjab.

TANHAIYA is a sensational and soul touching track which will be set apart from others with its melodious tune and presentation which the Punjabi music industry has not yet witnessed.

To add a bit of glamour with cuteness, the role of the simple emotional Punjabi kuri wil be acted by POOJA BANERJEE from Rodies 8, who has already touched many hearts with her performance in the show and also set the streets of Brazil on fire with her Sambha dance.

Over with half the shoot in UK, now the team is in INDIA, and gona finish shoot in Delhi, Ludhiana, and Amritsar.

And music of this track is done by young talented guys from Chandigarh (DESI-ROUTZ) and lyrics by : King grewal. And video is done by : BAY81 productions-UK

And special thanks to USTAD SURINDER KHAN JI.

“ I am really very excited to work with GAGZ, mainly koz I have a great love and admirations for punjabi culture and also when I heard the track, I just cudn’t say NO!! “ :-Quotes POOJA

“ When my dear friend Mohit saggar came with the idea of casting pooja in my video, It was concept I cudn’t refuse. This is a song which is very important to me as I have poured my heart out in its making. My team has spent months in look of the perfect face, which I was imagning while making this song, and POOJA, dat is it, wt I want J SO now our TANHAIYA will be felt by all our viewers. :-Quotes GAGZ


reet sandhu
0 #2 amazingreet sandhu 2014-11-15 22:46
i love this track. i met gagz last year at chandigarh airport and he is such a cute guy. and down to earth. May waheguru bless him always
+2 #1 WeeMan 2012-04-15 20:25
Hmmm sounds very interesting!

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