Inderjit Dhadda feat Nidhi Kohli & Naval Pandit - Chann Makhna (House Mix)

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Just take a step back observe the new talent, listen and enjoy the amazing world of music created by Inderjit Dhadda on his latest track featuring Nidhi Kohli & Naval Pandit, 'Chann Makhna'!

  Inderjit Dhadda feat Nidhu Kohli & Naval Pandit - Chann Makhna (House Mix) by SimplyBhangra Music


Inderjit Dhadda was born on Oct 2nd, 1977 in Punjab. Inder found that he was born to make music! When he moved to Canada where Inder started his musical passion and career. He spent his time and learnt musical aspects from Long and McQuade music school in Toronto. Although he spent many years of his life in India, his life experience with the western music theory is very helpful to create music. Inder feels music is about mixing your life events with the symphony and putting your soul in every word of the lyrics.

Although his character is always lost in deep thoughts for new music and ways he can progress forward. He has lots of experience with technological devices and happens to create new melodies as he looks for inspiration to write new lyrical words to go along side with the pattern of his melody .

Being deeply inspired by the electronic dance music genre also willing to be one of the first Punjabi music producers to bring this genre forward into our Punjabi music industry.

He has written almost all his own lyrics to date and have fully composed and produced all of his own work. Strongly inspired by today’s bollywood music. The way they interact different music genres with Indian tunes is really amazing.

He prefer to work with those singers who have good experience also with new comers because they have the ability to adapt to any given style and are also able to experiment with music. Inder is very experimental in his work and is always trying to build new sounds and build new ideas.




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