Mandeep Dhaliwal ft. Raj Ranjodh - Kali (Full Video)

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Watch the full video by Calgary (Canada) based music producer Mandeep Dhaliwal who releases his new single ‘Kali’, featuring the vocals of rising Punjabi singer Raj Ranjodh.

Vocalist Raj Ranjodh is one of Amritsar’s rising stars with a number of hit tracks and two acclaimed albums under his belt in his native Punjab. Mandeep Dhaliwal has produced music for Nirmal Sidhu, Gill Hardeep, Rai Jhujhar and many others. However, anytime Mandeep and Raj get together in the recording studio, something magical happens. “Working with Raj on ‘Kali’ was an amazing experience. We were sitting in my studio one evening and decided to make a traditional track, but with digital sounds. So, all of a sudden, words started flowing, drums started kicking, bass started pumping, guitars started jamming, and tumbi started talking…and the result is KALI”, says Mandeep.

The single is supported by a full performance music video. ‘Kali’ is released on Canada’s Jugni Records and is available to download NOW on iTunes.


The single is taken from the album ‘Bach Ke’ which is also out now.

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