E3NA Records Launches!

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E3UK Records took the Asian music industry by storm in 2011, now they are moving further a field and taking their record label to North America. The new label aptly titled E3NA, will be the only major label by North American artists, for North American artists.

E3UK have shown in their first year of business that they have gone from strength to strength, leaving their stamp firmly on the UK Asian music scene. Many media commentators and artists, who are beacons of knowledge alike, have predicted that 2012 will be a year where E3UK turns the tables and becomes the market leader.

E3UK have given limelight to many young new artists as well established names that have joined the team. E3UK Records have rapidly become a label that is easily approachable with a stunning array of musicians. From the architect on production Angel, to the masterpiece on vocals Saini Surinder, E3UK has combined its ability to unearth fresh talent and push Asian music to new levels. E3NA Records aims to use this formula to find the new raw talent across North America and showcase it globally.

Having already demonstrated in the UK that they are a leading light in the future of Asian Music, E3UK will invest in the future of North American Asian music, where there is an abundance of talent. Having bases in Toronto and California covering both sides of North America, E3NA Records will be working with third party labels and independent artists from across the world, making their music accessible across North America. E3NA records will also promote artist from Canada and United States of America across borders and further afield, becoming the preferred platform.

The first official release from E3NA Records sees the North American Panjabi Folk singer Deep Jandu release a single titled 'New Punjab' with production from DJ KSR. Deep Jandu has been tipped for stardom after the release of his debut album Nach, which took the North American scene by storm. A hard hitting voice, he is sure to benefit from the expertise of E3NA Records and become a global player in the industry.

Stay tuned for the release, which is out on 9th February 2012 via iTunes, meanwhile we give you a glimpse of the Official Video Teaser for 'New Punjab', a taster of what's to come from E3NA Records!


bhangra inspector
+1 #8 bhangra inspector 2012-01-26 14:29
Respect to E3UK for giving Canadian and USA artists a voice! Stand up NA! Cant wait for E3NA Releases!
jelly cs
+4 #7 jelly cs 2012-01-24 10:19
Great to see UK Label E3UK Giving new artists opportunity to get there music heard in North America and vise versa!
+3 #6 Eastender 2012-01-23 23:15
Quoting CheekyBastard:
Canada\US has a lot of unexposed talent. UK scene is just all abt DJs with money and fake producers.

Time for Canada and US to shine and save bhangra

I'm ashamed at saying this, but i have to agree with you.

For the past 2-3 yrs there's been more quantity than quality, thanks to the untrained singers, ghost producers, corrupt labels and radio stations.

Simply put, some of the freshest tracks came from outside the UK.
+2 #5 CheekyBastard 2012-01-23 20:45
Canada\US has a lot of unexposed talent. UK scene is just all abt DJs with money and fake producers.

Time for Canada and US to shine and save bhangra
+4 #4 MadMuka1 2012-01-23 18:13
This looks dope, North America Talent will shine through, time to be appreciated and respected.
+6 #3 Realist 2012-01-22 23:41
Inder Kooner is talented aswell...not sure if hes from the US or Canada tho, but hes much better than so-called UK talent like H Dhami, Jassi Sidhu etc...
+2 #2 SanjayES 2012-01-22 23:23
Good news, this promo looks like more like a movie than a music video. Looking forward to E3NA.
+4 #1 Jaswant1 2012-01-22 22:20
Promo looks good for this song, i think deep jandu is like only 18, good real talent. E3UK doing well to, for the sake of bhangra music worldwide. This is good news for all.

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