The Loft - Sajna Ve Sajna - Gurdas Mann Cover (Video)

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Talented, unique and modern are just some of the words being used to describe this new band on the streets. Bedford based ‘The Loft’ are young, ambitious and passionate musicians which are definitely something to look out for. The Loft have just hit the industry with their debut live cover of the Gurdas Mann’s all time classic, Sajna Ve Sajna.

Their sound is like no other, fusing traditional Indian beats with western flavours. Unafraid to try something different, this unsigned Asian band comprise of six members all bringing their own ingredient to the table.

The Loft have just hit the industry with their debut live cover of the Gurdas Mann’s all time classic, Sajna Ve Sajna. The cover, filmed and recorded at home, has got many people talking including some of the industry’s finest artists. Their take of the cover showcases a slice of their versatility with a fresh, new and vibrant composition. Opening with mellow arrangement and then twisting the groove into a vibe which can only be described as ‘Desi Jazz’.

Vejay (Drums) said ‘Performing a cover of a timeless classic such as Gurdas Mann’s Sajna Ve Sajna was always going to be risky. But the response we’ve had from it has been amazing! We didn’t think we’d have such a good reaction. The support has been great. The track is just a sample of numerous items we are working on. We’re looking to release more live session videos and hopefully, before the end of the year, an EP. We’d like to thank those who are supporting us and hope for your continual support as more songs are released’.

All band members; Davz (Vocals), Vejay (Drums), Sanjeev (Bass), Luke (Keys), Andy (Tabla) and Stephan (Guitar) were introduced to music at a very young age. Individually, they have many years of experience under their belts but as a band they have just begun their musical career. Being friends before forming the band, they are all passionate about live music and love performing. Andy said, ‘We have learnt so much over the last year from our performances and rehearsals.

We always appreciate constructive feedback and always try to improve on that feedback’.

2012 is looking to be a busy but enjoyable year for The Loft with many plans in mind. You can catch The Loft on Facebook, ‘The Loft - Asian Music Experience’, Twitter ‘TheLoftBand’ and Youtube ‘TheLoftExperience’. For all the future gigs and news on the band, check out the website


Music critiic
+2 #12 Music critiic 2012-01-18 23:55
futures bright lads.. really enjoyed that
+5 #11 dilz 2012-01-15 23:50
Brilliant, such a breath of fresh air, bhangra scene needs a massive shake up; you guys are bringing on a diverse style of bhangra. Enough respect for trying something different and all the best to you boys for the future.
+7 #10 sharabi_jatt 2012-01-15 23:10
pretty good!! I like the change! music is SICKKKK, vocals need some work but for a first release and recorded at home, i think its a dammm good attempt!! your young so the more you do, they better you'll become! all the artists out there in bands have yeeeears of experience where you guys have just started out! @punjaban - send us a link to your music! just another hater who cnt do any better! i wish you the best of luck lads!! Keep at it and you'll go far, mark my words!!
+1 #9 Girlpower 2012-01-15 15:23
Is it me or does Jevi, San2 and this guy have the same vocal teacher? San2 is obviously the best of those 3, but too much UK-ness in all of their voices.

Just can't along with the UK-voice.
-13 #8 Panjaban 2012-01-15 14:14
u man r Dead The Guy Cant Sing Out Of Tone The Tabla Playin /is Awful the Keys Player PRobly Cnt Evan Play Proper Keys The Drum Player Cnt Play It In TIme U Guy Might Aswell Juz GIve Up Coz U Took A Nice SOng And Turned IT Bad Realllly Bad This ANt No BOlloywood Song Juz Singing It Like That U Lot Juz DOne Ur besti SHIT
+1 #7 Rajeshv 2012-01-14 15:46
Video is good but sometimes isn't synced drum hits are off at times.
-3 #6 Unfair 2012-01-14 08:51
Tabla is not in key.
+4 #5 Barv 2012-01-14 08:24
Let's show some support to these young lads. At least there making an effort and trying. Hats of to you boys. All of you!
Ranj jassal
+4 #4 Ranj jassal 2012-01-14 08:19
Pronounciation is one of the most difficult things for British artist to deal with. Even artists of today still get things wrong. Keep at it. You will get there slowly. Band has got talent and singer got a sweet voice. Just needs to clean up on pronunciation. Well done
+1 #3 Jamz 2012-01-14 08:15
Vocalist has got good potential just needs to work on punjabi otherwise. Good tone. Music compliments each other
0 #2 Sandino 2012-01-14 04:02
Awesome music -- but very poor Punjabi. Many words incorrect, and mispronounced. A new vocalist would do the trick.
the punjab
0 #1 the punjab 2012-01-13 13:37
not bad but gotta work on his punjabi a bit... lookin.. forward to them

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