Dippa Sat Rang signs to VIP Records

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VIP Records are proud to announce the signing of Dippa Sat Rang. A legendary singer who has been in the Panjabi music scene since 1988!

Dippa has worked with artists such as: Sukshinder Shinda, Punjabi By Nature, Kulwant Bhambra, DJ Sanj, Apna Sangeet & Gucharan Mall! VIP are preparing the release of Dippa’s album which has been produced by renowned producers Tru-Skool & Kaos Productions!


Kuldip Singh Dosanjh, also known as Dippa Dosanjh but more commonly known for his stage name as Dippa Sat Rang, was born in Dosanjh Kalan, district Jallundar 29th November 1965. He completed his education in Guru Har Rai Khalsa School where his talent was exposed as a singer at the tender age of 11.

He first staged his talents when he sung Mohammed Saddiq and Ranjit Kaurs ‘Muk Gayi Afeem Dabbi Cho Yaaro’ in front of all his class peers and teachers where he received a standing ovation from the school. Dippa whose ambitions where to serve his country in the armed forces, was soon encouraged by his teachers to take up singing after witnessing his outstanding performance.

Near to where he lived in the village of Mandali, Punjab, India which is widely known for his musical history, Dippa aged 17 met Guljar Mohammed a local but renowed Quali singer and music teacher. Guljar took him under his wing as a student for a period of 1 year where he beagn to learn classical indian music. While assessing his singing ability he suggested that he would be better suited for Punjabi folk music, because he possessed a natural but unique g?yaki (singing style).

Dippa first came to the the U.K. in 1988 where he arrivied at Britains most diverse and multicultral city of Birmingham. He met with Jaswinder Gill who had long been searching for a singer for his band Sat Rang, a upcoming bhangra band who was named Sat Rang because of the various ethnic members of the band. Dippa unknowingly agreed to become face and a primary singer of the band and it was here his career blossomed throughout the 90’s.

The once small time band in 1993 released the phenomenal track’Dhola Veh Dhola’ which became a iconic track played almost at every Asian occasion. The same year Dippa Sat Rang won Best Male Newcomer at the UK Asian Pop Awards and ‘Dhola Ve Dhola’ won the Platinum Disc. Sat Rang became a Bhangra outfit which had a unique sound as they were the first Bhangra band to ever introduce the use of a Saxaphone.

Dippa has released tracks on several albums where he has worked with Tru Skool, Sukshinder Shinda, Punjabi By Nature, Kulwant Bhambra, DJ Sanj, Apna Sangeet & Gucharan Mal. He has performed throughout the UK, USA, India, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Holland, France and Singapore. He is currently signed with VIP records and is soon to release a range of tracks which compliment his unique singing ability.

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