Dalbir & Balbir Khanpur of Bhujhangy Group - Bhangra Legends (Out Now)

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OUT NOW Released & Distributed by O.S.A Birmingham 2011 CDSR 3746 featuring the song 'Yharo Dil Daro' which was originally recorded and released in 1989 on SC 5098 on Bhangra Time Vol: 3.



On the Bhangra Legends cd there will also be another 13 tracks.

A special thank you from Gurcharan Khanpur,Herjinder Khanpur, Naranjan Sondhi,Amirpratap Singh,Parminder,Jaspal,Jaswinder,Dalbir and Balbir Khanpur for everyone's support and their love for the past 45 years of bhangra music in the UK.

Thank you to all the bhangra fans,Bhujhangy Boys,Radio Stations,Newspapers Media,Brit Asia TV,DJS,Musicians,friends and familys and the OSA Company and Simply Team

Thank you for the Life Time Achievement Award from Brit Asia TV 2011 and also thank you for celebrating the 45 years of bhangra music with Ambur Radio 2011.

A special thank you to Guiness world book of records for the longest band in the UK in 2001/2005/2011