Kanwar & Ladla release 'Pasa Wat' Video

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The wait is now over, after the success of "Teer", California based duo Kanwar aka "Son of a Sardar" and Ladla are teaming up once again for the release of the their next single entitled 'Pasa Wat'.

The track was released unofficially for free download in early 2011 By Pindcity Records, but now fans will get to see the group perform in their new HD music video. The shooting of the video took place in various bay area locations over the course of three weeks. Both North American artists are determined to present quality music and visuals to their audience in the years to come.

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Artists: Kanwar & Ladla

Lyrics : Ranbir Brar, Netta & Kanwar

Special thanks to Tanvy Singh, Gagandeep "deep storm" Singh, Amrinder Singh, Lakhbir Jaswal (Lodi, California) and many others who helped us produced this video.