Music Waves - Kuldeep Manak Tribute

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Des Pardes TV (produced by Music Waves Ltd) and Baljinder Atwal (Host) paid tribute to the Late Kuldeep Manak Ji, the show can be watched on the following 4 links. This show was aired 17th Dec 2011 on vision TV.




About Des Pardes / Baljinder Atwal
Des Pardes is a TV program going on Vision TV | Saturdays 9:00 pm ET/6:00 pm PT
Host Baljinder Singh Atwal explores the music, culture and religion of Sikh Canadians, with a blend of popular and devotional music, reports on political and social events, entertainment previews, and coverage of community happenings. In Punjabi and the Canadian Pumjabi Community

About Music Waves Productions Ltd.

Music Waves Production Ltd is a North American record music company that boasts a diverse and unparalleled family of South Asian artists that includes today's icons to tomorrow's rising stars. It is recognized as one of the most successful labels in the Hangar music industry, for more information