N Gill sets to release Aundi Nahi Awaaz Kade

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2012 promises to be an exciting year for the young Dubai based singer and songwriter N-Gill, as he prepares to unleash his talent on UK audiences.

{audio}media/Music/Nov11/N Gill Aundi Nahi Awaaz Kade.mp3{/audio} Listen Here!

‘Aundi Nahi Awaaz Kade’ is the beautiful debut song from the new star that is destined to set woman’s hearts on fire! This ballad draws you in with its superb lyrics and haunting melody.

Born in Jalandhar, India, N-Gill is a prolific artist who started his musical journey at the tender age of three when his father bought him a tabla. At four, started singing shabads and songs in front of large audiences and by the age of 12 he was writing his own songs.

From shabads and a collection of awards from school singing competitions, N-Gill moved on to listening to Bryan Adams and a newfound role as lead singer in a rock band while completing his baccalaureate degree!

Inspired and influenced by the legendary Gurdass Mann, N-Gill says of his music: “My inspiration and lyrics come from what is around me, but what we often forget and take for granted. I want my music to touch people’s hearts and just remind them that there is hope and happiness. In this busy and hectic life that we all lead we often overlook those important little things like our dreams, hopes and aspirations. “

N-Gill is a man on a musical mission and definitely one to watch next year…

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