Jassi Singh - Husn Nagina (Promo)

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Step Ahead Entertainment Presents Husn Nagina trailer by Jassi Singh, who grew up in Queens; growing up in the borough it was difficult not to have a passion for composing lyrics and spitting verses, when one is surrounded by such illustrious personalities.  Check out the promo of his next project.


It was only natural for Jassi to give his own attempt at the genre, so he began writing songs at the age of 16. Having had a underlying passion for creativity and music, Jassi was influenced by his love of Hip Hop and Punjabi music on parallel levels.

More information coming soon!


+3 #3 rabbi 2011-12-11 05:30
lovin the flow of the track. Don't be content though. Keep workin.
-2 #2 Billajatt 2011-12-10 09:08
Nigga change up on the flow and stop throwing rough cuts.... If I were you I would keep my day job and keep dreaming coz you got lot to prove to be the best punjabi rapper... Stop rapping with phudu rappers like mixman....... Nice try.
+3 #1 jat4life 2011-12-07 12:41
your the future of punjabi rap! keep it up

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