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Online Punjabi Teacher - quickest and easiest way to learn Punjabi!

The First Online Punjabi Teaching Service For The New Generation Of Punjabis & Non-Punjabis Born All Across The World Who Want To Learn Or Improve Their Punjabi!

At Last We Have A Punjabi Teaching Service That Provides A Safe And Comfortable Environment To Learn And Preserve The Punjabi Language.

Online Punjabi Teacher is an online one-to-one teaching service that brings the Punjabi language to those wanting to learn or improve their Punjabi. As it is online, Online Punjabi Teacher is able to reach students all around the world, enabling them to learn when and where they want through the use of internet voice chat and our efficiently designed syllabuses.

What makes the Online Punjabi Teacher service special, is that all of our Punjabi teachers are based in Western countries so are not only are they fluent in Punjabi, but 100% fluent in English making it easier for you to communicate in English when you need to. This coupled with our easy to follow Online Punjabi Teacher course, gives our students a safe and comfortable environment where they can learn Punjabi easily.

Loss of Mother-tongue in our Communities

As generations of Punjabis settle and grow their families in other countries, the new generations that are being born are slowly loosing their connection with the Punjabi language. Their first language ends up being the local language that is spoken where they were born and brought up, and their knowledge of Punjabi becomes diluted.

Learning Punjabi Online

We now have a generation of Punjabis whose general understanding of the Punjabi language could be improved, and that is where Online Punjabi Teacher comes in.

Online Punjabi Teacher has been created to keep the Punjabi language alive and continuing throughout the following generations that follow. Online Punjabi Teacher concentrates on the spoken form of Punjabi so that it can reignite the Punjabi spirit in all foreign born Punjabis, so that they can take their new learning's of Punjabi and integrate more so in their communities as well as pass on this knowledge to their own children one day.

There are so many situations today where children cannot communicate with their elders because their knowledge of Punjabi is limited. Imagine being able to learn Punjabi and finally be able to converse with your grand parents, bhua's, massi's, thaya's and the rest of your Punjabi speaking family and friends all across the world.

Free 20 Minute Consultation

To give potential students the opportunity to see if this fast method of learning Punjabi is for them, Online Punjabi Teacher offers a free 20 minute consultation. Here the student can speak to the teacher, enabling them to discuss their learning goals. The Online Punjabi Teachers are able to customise courses for each and every student so that their particular needs are met.

Online Punjabi Teacher is so much more than just a language learning service, it is something to make our parents feel proud of, allowing more families and friends to come together and communicate.