Tarli Digital releases free download 'Boliyan Paa'

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Brit-Asian producer Tarli Digital releases a free download titled 'Boliyan Paa' featuring the vocals of Meena!


Boliyan Paa (RandomTDfix) by TarliDigital


Boliyan Paa (RandomTDfix) Tarli Digital Featuring Meena (Free Download!) 2011

Since becoming an independent artist exactly two years ago this month I have been working harder than ever because I love music, nothing more nothing less.

Reflecting back on the 10 years I have been in this game it has not been an easy ride yet I got nothing but bare love for those of you that have accepted my sound and continue to embrace it and encourage me.

You heard the RFAK Session with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan a couple of months ago, thank you for the love it got! still very overwhelmed that I got a chance to work with such an amazing legendary artist even if it was a remix project.

Next up Dalvinder Singh's album "Born to Singh" with the first single out on 14/10/11 titled Ishq - I don't think I know a more dedicated and determined individual like Dalvinder and this album will surely be a stomper! look out for the big big collaboration with his Legendary Father Sewa Singh Matharu from the old school band Ashoka Group

Which brings me to this very random-spare of the moment free download titled Boliyan Paa featuring a very talent artist called Meena I recorded in Jalandhar - This free download is nothing but a kind gesture to all the love music fans have given me over the last 10 years especially those of you who I met at the BritAsia Music Awards 2011 on Saturday.

I hope y'all enjoy it as much as the fun I had putting it together.

Watch out for my forthcoming album featuring Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Dalvinder Singh, Des C, Nishawn Bhullar, Angrez Ali another others.... until then love and respect! Tarli



Desi dark hater
+1 #2 Desi dark hater 2011-10-05 15:23
[censored] it alone pisses on all your 30 tracks so stop hating you morbid twat
pop star
-2 #1 pop star 2011-10-05 15:04
mmmmm kinna whack! sounds like it is unfinished!

the music dosn't really go with the vocal!

Vocal: 0/10
Music: nothing speical: 3/10
overall 2/10

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