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The Boliyan Book App Has Finally Arrived; Punjabi Weddings Will Never Be The Same Again! The Hugely Popular Boliyan Book Has Now Arrived As An Apple Iphone, Itouch And Ipad App. It Is The First Of Its Kind For The New Generations Of Punjabis Across The World.

The Boliyan Book App is the mobile application version of the popular Boliyan Book which is a Punjabi wedding song. Book containing Punjabi wedding song lyrics. What makes Boliyan Book so special is the way in which it has been created. All of the songs are written phonetically in English so that you can start singing straight away, whether you can Speak Punjabi or not.

The Boliyan Book App is packed with the same rich content as the book, covering traditional wedding songs for all of the main wedding events including kudmai, chunni, maiyan, nanakishak, jago and many more. It contains a comprehensive collection of Punjabi wedding songs including boliyan, sangeet songs, dholki songs, suhag, ghorhian and tappe. It has been designed as a simple step-by-step guide so that readers know where and when to sing all of these traditional Punjabi wedding songs.

Boliyan Book and the Preservation of Punjabi Culture Boliyan Book is so much more than just a wedding song book. It is something to make our parents feel proud of. It is Symbolic of the preservation and the togetherness of a Punjabi family, mixing the old with the new. Now Punjabis of all Ages can truly come together and have more fun at weddings.

Go to iTunes today and download your copy!


+3 #2 Gogzy 2011-09-21 19:04
nice one, good idea
+4 #1 SunnyBasra 2011-09-20 16:08
OMG! Brilliant!!!! Must have on any [censored] phone!

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