Bups Saggu Gets Ready for 'Matha Tekhiya'

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Check out the Behind The Scenes footage for the smash hit "Matha Tekhiya" featuring Lehmber Hussainpuri.  The track comes off the album Bups Saggu - Redefined, which is out now!


Redefined - Bups Saggu


Bups quotes in a recent interview with us, "Matha Tekhiya stands out for so many reasons, from the skit at the beginning to the actual song. Along with a lot of the other tracks on my album, the best thing about this track is that everyone can somehow relate to it. Plus, it’s not your typical song about dancing, booze, love, etc. It’s a subject that is quite harsh, but yet playful and humorous (as portrayed in this song)".

Exclusive Bups Saggu Interview


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