Prabus release Akh De Pateya Nu Video

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Enjoy the Full Video coming off Prabus' debut single, Akh De Pateya Nu featuring Major Chanalia.  Video Directed & Produced by Rupesh Savani of Cookies Production.

PRABUS Productions is the brain child of West London producer Prabh Kishore. Music is something that always came easy. Given any instrument he’d manage to make some sort of recognizable sound within minutes. He currently plays drums, guitar, harmonium, mandolin, tumbi and his personal favourite, piano. Making beats has become a way of life with powerful bass lines and ear crunching top ends with sweet vocals to compliment.

His musical journey started when he was barely out of his nappy! Hearing beats in his head then trying to replicate them using anything around him; a table, a door or even his own mouth! He learnt the art of beat boxing with a unique way of recreating percussive instruments, even making a clean dhol sound using his lips!

Then came a jaw dropping moment… Seeing many Dj’s at parties mixing two records caught his eye, but he wanted to go a bit further than that. Surely these turntables could be used as an instrument to manipulate sounds using pitch and tempo? Then came DJ Qbert, still one of his biggest role models and inspiration… Watching Qbert win countless DMC Championships and showcasing his musical passion using nothing but turntables gave Prabus itchy fingers! As soon as he saved up enough money, he bought his first pair of turntables at the tender age of 13. Spending hours practising, he finally ended up being one half of Blitz Entertainment DJ’ing at various parties all over the UK playing mainly Bhangra music.

At the age of 16 he was lucky enough to be selected as a presenter on West Side Radio playing a mixture of bhangra and bollywood on a Wednesday evening. This led to other stations recognising his talents and subsequently he hosted shows at Punjab FM and Unity FM.

Even though he enjoyed playing at various parties and on radio, the type of audience didn’t give him the chance to showcase his turntable trickery. Scratching, beat juggling, chopping and cutting his way through any record he could get two copies of! Eventually he moved onto the digital world, recording and sampling his scratching over simple beats made by him. These beats became more complex incorporating sounds from both the eastern and western worlds. Eventually he moved into full on music production and started what became to be known as the Prabus Productions studio.


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