Bee2, Taj-E & Dhani - Chak Glassy (Acoustic Lick)

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The Sound Pipe Records proudly present the upcoming release of ‘Chak Glassy' the follow-up track to the hit ‘La Bhangra’. The single comes off the new album by Taj E titled '2 Sik n Twisted' which is out later this year!

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OUT 17th AUG 2011
Chak Glassy
Taj-E's 'Chak Glassy' BEE2 feat: MC JD
Music by Taj-E
Video by BEE2 The Sound Pipe Media.
Album: 2 Sik N Twisted.


+1 #1 SUNEIL 2011-08-15 21:54
The acoustic car mix sounds loads better than the original at the end of the video!! That song suits slower lyrics by far!

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