Rouge - Fool For Her Love

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The trios opening track 'Fool For Her Love' produced by JNas taken from the
15 track album 'Rouge' releasing in stores Thursday July 27th nationwide UK.
Don't Be Shy will no longer be released as a single due to various label
Mona Records, Envy Recordings and W10 will commission a video for 'Hush' to
be shot in the US in August as well as a video shot in Spain by Sony
India who will release the album first week of September alongside EMI
Arabia followed by JVC Japan who will release the album at the end of the
Rouge will perform at the Jewel Awards this Saturday July 8th at the
Grosvenor House Park Lane Hilton and then at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel on
July 14th. Finishing July off with a bang by headlining  at the Bollywood
Fashion Awards in New York on July 29th, where the girls will be styled by
none other then Rachel Roy celebrity A list designer to stars such as
Jessica Simpson and Halle Berry, who is also the wife of Hip Hop supremo
Damon Dash who will also attend the event.
The girls on their album
- 'Were sorry it's taken so long we were never
ready for the success of 'Don't Be Shy'. We hoped it would do well but we
didn't know it would become the monster smash it became and record labels
would be calling to sign us from around the world. We want to shout out to
all those that have supported us. It's been an amazing journey from the
International Indian Film Awards in Holland(IFFA) to our favorite show in Cairo
Egypt One Night and from Dubai to New York in recording studios. We hope you
like the album.  We put everything into it and a big thank you to our producers
Zeus, JNas, Kais, Shabz and Hammodi.'
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+1 #9 MrSamiboy 2014-07-25 21:52
My goodness 1 song you guys have been taking for last 14 that silly 2nd song horses with high heels?!?please. ..come on don't use silly awful dj,s like Zeus and co...there's better qualified producers out there?!?...girl s are wonderfull talented but so long...for a album my god that is a joke.
-1 #8 sahhhhiiille 2010-05-20 15:20
No offense but amrita is very average looking,im very surprised shes even i the band!!she shd stick to being a dentist and im sure her rich dad payed for her t win miss India!!!very ugly
farzana a
0 #7 yhfarzana a 2009-03-02 14:55
lisen to da trak called dont be shy its da bes my god i am dying 4 dem :woohoo:
0 #6 helloRipon 2008-08-05 15:37
[sexy ayesha she looks bhom xxxxxxx
go and cheak out my web site numbaks love you
-1 #5 hottttttamrita 2008-06-06 13:05
Amrita Hunjan tha hottest B)
0 #4 ?????????? 2008-04-08 18:28
:silly: :dry: :lol: :kiss: :-x :shock: :sad: :Pinch: :D :side: :-) :P :unsure: :woohoo: :!: :s ;-) :whistle: :huh: :-?: :idea: :arrow: :cheer: B) :confused: :o :angry: :evil:
sexy   bitch
0 #3 cewlsexy bitch 2008-04-08 18:27
good, i luv em too, ayesha.
hey ayesha go on 2 ma website nd il go on urs
ayesha noor
0 #2 awwwayesha noor 2008-04-08 18:25
they are well hot nd good singers.
i love der songs, the top ten hit lists. :!: :!: :!:
Aisha Mahmood
0 #1 RougeAisha Mahmood 2008-03-14 15:52
A Great Group!
They r heka pretty too. :lol:

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