Garry Sandhu gives his comical view on DJs!

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The Raaj FM Mela at Smethwick, Birmingham attracted a record breaking crowd of over 35,000 people, it was here that Garry Sandhu decided to give the audience a sneak peak on his new single about DJs!

Giving a comical view on the life of a DJ, the song has been getting a mixed response across the spectrum, with some DJs giving praise.

DJ Dips, with whom Garry collaborated on with the hit single 'Tohar'; noted on his Facebook;

"Personally he sang this to me ages ago and I Love it...."

Respected club & wedding DJ AJD gave his view on the track;

"If he releases it, the humour will sell the song. In regards to the negative reactions from some, maybe a DJ should release a song about everyone wanting to become a singer? Now there's more comedy! Nothing wrong with it."

Check out the clip below and leave your thoughts! Are you a DJ? Do you feel offended, or do you see the funny side of things?




0 #5 DJ JINZ 2011-07-07 09:50
Right, I'ma DJ and i don't take offense, its just funny if you listen to it, I was there when he sang the song on stage, and I laughed, this is aimed at thos particular djs who dont even have a clue about beat matching and mixing properly, I've seen my share of those DJs. Theres too many djs out there, especially talentless ones. They don't know how to rock a crowd, and I think that majority of the djs with the talent would agree, before you start up a roadshow, theres something called PRACTISING and PERFECTING. I don't DJ for the money, but for the passion I have for it and of course the free food lolz (joke), but yeah thats my view.
+2 #4 mixman. 2011-07-06 23:04
djs dont have the b***s to comment here lol cos its all the sachi gal hahaha
-2 #3 anonymous1 2011-07-06 22:32
AJD is the peoples champion
+3 #2 Jassssssssssssssss 2011-07-06 22:26
garry sandhu is the freshest thing to UK bhangra since JK came n even den JK was quiet n didnt do this kinda stuff

Garry is lyk the english babbu mann, he dnt give a fuk what he sings about n who he mite offend

but its so true about DJs, but if u look at DIPS n AJD comments, the sick djs find it funny bcos they knw theres nuff' dodgy Djs neway

so big upp
+1 #1 sanjeeta 2011-07-06 21:48
he speaks the truth - unless you one of them djs lol

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