The Dipps Bhamrah Showcase 2011 - Remix Competition

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Following on from the success of ‘Mr Makhna’ the charismatic Bhangra all rounder Dipps Bhamrah embarks on a ground breaking and history in the making first for Bhangra Music


The second album from Dipps Bhamrah entitled ‘Project: BHANGRA’ is set for release later this year, with Spice Media, which has been in production in little under a year. The album features work from Bhangra legends, newcomers and Dipps has decided to open his album up to more unsigned and potential Bhangra acts.

In a first for Bhangra music, Dipps Bhamrah is offering an opportunity to budding unsigned and undiscovered music producers to produce a remix of the track ‘Mr Makhna’ with one successful remix being given an official release on the album Project: BHANGRA in 2011. In presenting this unique opportunity Dipps explains what lead him to this idea.

Dipps - “From the beginning of Project: BHANGRA it has been, what i call, a ‘We’ project rather than a ‘Me’ project as there are so many different, creative and talented elements that come together to produce any album. I also genuinely wanted to do something to showcase new and unsigned talents on this album which so far have come through in the form of singers. As most people probably know by now I am a Bhangra man through and through and am passionate about what UK Bhangra music is about and how successful our genre of music is worldwide. Where possible i like to showcase new and upcoming talents. I now have another opportunity to do that through Project: BHANGRA in giving a spot to a new production talent for an official release.”

Dipps goes on to say why he is offering such a positive platform to new talents.

Dipps - “An album is a very private piece of work for any artist and to offer a space to a complete stranger is either complete madness or inspired. Either way i’m hoping that genuine talents, whether selected or not, shine through and this opportunity will allow fresh music to be heard around the world. Im happy to support and nurture genuine new talent and cant wait to hear what weird and wonderful sounds creative guys and girls come through with”


How to get involved with the Dipps Bhamrah - Bhangra Showcase 2011

1. Click

2. Download the chorus and verse of ‘Mr Makhna’ vocals of K.S.Bhamrah (Apna Sangeet)

3. This is to be used as the template to work on the remix of ‘Mr Makhna’

4. Once completed, the remix is to be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in either wav format or minimum 224kbit/s mp3 file.

5. The closing date for completed remixes is midnight on Sunday 31st July 2011

6. Any entries submitted after 12pm on Sunday 31st July 2011 will be be taken into consideration.

7. The successful remix will be notified and will receive the full vocal to complete the track to be featured as the official remix of Mr Makhna on the album Project:BHANGRA

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