The modern new face of VIP Records

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VIP Records – New logo… New website… New signings…

As a label we have taken into account the feedback from the public as well as our artists and together with this information we have made a lot of changes within the label.

We decided to prepare a new website which would reflect the modern new face of VIP Records but we felt we needed a new logo to go with the new image.  We have re-launched the website making it more interactive for the public, from direct links to artist Facebook pages to their twitter.

We felt that this change was necessary as it gives the public the chance to interact and be involved with the label whether it be expressing views on certain topics to becoming a part of the VIP Records street team and nmailing list.

As well as the change to the website and logo we are also making sure that the quality of our albums and videos are of a high standard.

We have also signed a number of different artists which each bring something different to the label catering to a variety of different tastes in music.

VIP Records our proud to present the following signings to the label:

Manak-E, an artist that has come a long way in becoming one of the leading Punjabi singers in the world. He is a household name in Bhangra music with numerous chart toping hits to his name. He has recently had huge success in Bollywood with his track ‘Paisa Paisa’ which featured in the Bollywood movie ‘De Dana Dhan’.

Your browser may not support display of this image. He has had the opportunity to work alongside several celebrity singers and actors, not only in the east coast but also in the west; Akshay Kumar, Cheshire Cat, Kuldip Manak, Lembher Hussainpuri, RDB, Aman Hayer to mention but a handful.

With almost a decade of hits under his belt, millions of unofficial sales worldwide and having toured all corners of the earth (UK, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Canada, USA, South America, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, India, Pakistan), Manak E’s artistic ability keeps on escalating to entirely new heights as he is one of the artists in the history of music to collaborate Punjabi and Bollywood music.

Your browser may not support display of this image. AV:
AV is a young vibrant producer from London with a unique sound. He is currently working on five different products which are all due to release in 2011.

Born and raised in West London, UK. Yet still young, he has been in the music industry for many years, and has produced work for renowned mainstream labels such as Universal, Island Records & many more.

AV is now collaborating with the finest established artists in the UK and has some Bollywood projects lined up later this year. A 4 track EP out this summer alongside 3 music videos to go with it. Other artists he has produced forthcoming material for include Manak-E (Brand new EP out this summer), Bikram Singh, Jasjot Ghuman, MC Special, Brit Asia Superstar Finalists, many new upcoming acts & some big surprise collaborations to watch out for!

Your browser may not support display of this image. Sanjay Dhaliwal: 
Sanjay Dhaliwal, a name that everyone is familiar with. He has released a number of singles within the bhangra industry and is currently working to release new material in 2011 with VIP Records.

Preet Singh:
Preet Singh, an up and coming singer/writer who is set to release his EP after the success of his single Oxford.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Some may recognise Preet from Brit Asia Super Star 2009 where he performed in the semi finals. During the competition he had the opportunity to meet Sukhjit Singh Olk also known as Tru-Skool. He made his foray into the music industry with his first single ‘Oxford’, music by Kaos Productions.

Preet is currently working on many projects which will showcase not only his singing ability but also his skills as a writer.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Jasjot Singh Ghuman:   
Jasjot, a UK born classically trained vocalist. He made his debut into the music industry with his single ‘Vaisakhi Mela’.

He is currently preparing to release his EP in July featuring music by Kaos Productions and Jeeti.

Beatwala, a producer duo who have already hit the airwaves this year and are set to release their debut EP in 2011.

Visit for more information now…


0 #2 onetimeguy 2011-06-21 14:59
They started off as a strong label with good releases, then things started to go downhill and they were just churning out rubbish.

when they first came onto the scene, they stated that they wouldn't be like other labels and release crap and what hap[censored]ed , they started release rubbish like OTHER labels.

As i have stated before, the only decent album they will be releasing is JK "Gabru Panjab Dha" everything esle after that is downhill, with crap like this Mani Hype (Fake as they come) etcc..
Boss man
0 #1 Boss man 2011-06-18 21:19
LMAO - Still a still label, who will release shit ! Once you get that label as a shit label, your stuck with it even if you try to do a face lift on your website, wow, what a joke !!

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