SherDil releases Kurti featuring Pappi Gill

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Introducing SherDil™ 27 years old upcoming Music Producer from Sydney/Australia born in Jalandhar city Punjab.

He is currently working on his debut track, Kurti featuring the vocals Pappi Gill.

His favourite artists include: Panjabi MC, Beat Minister, Bally Sagoo, Specialist 'n' Truskool, Kuldip Manak, Hazara Singh Ramta, Master Saleem.

Kurti - SherDil™ feat.Pappi Gill by SherDil™

 Kurti (feat. Pappi Gill) - Single - SherDil™


-1 #1 asdf 2011-06-17 09:49
seems he has used all his favorite artists loops in that track

sounds appalling

the stuff (sh!t) we get to listen to in the UK amuses me

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