Introducing Asian Street Remix Dance Group

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Modern yet traditional, young yet experienced & Bhangra yet Street. That best describes Asian Street Remix.

Asian Street Remix (ASR) are known to be one of the most creative and developed talents to grace the Asian arts industry. They are a Coventry based dance academy, and with over 6 years experience are one of the longest standing female dance collective. Having earned a respectable and hard-working reputation, ASR pride themselves as being extremely influenced by their culture and their passion.
Having performed nationally, Asian Street Remix have also had the privilege to perform with many of the legends of the Bhangra industry including many new artists.

"Dance, dance & more dance! Our love for our culture is apparent in all our routines! We pay special attention to ensure our performances appeal to wide audiences and help bridge the gap between modern and traditional forms of dance." (ASR Founders, Anjli & Roma)

We would like to thank the following artists who have given us the opportunity to perform alongside them or have supported us throughout the years!
- Angrez Ali
- Imran Khan
- Jaz Dhami
- H Dhami
- GV
- Jati Cheed
- Navin Kundra
- Enkay
- Heera
- Achanak
- Sardara Gill
- JK
- Khiza
- & Many more!

Follow Asian Street Remix to find out where they're performing next at!



If you would like to liven up any event then contact us! Available for Events, Melas, Parties and Functions around the UK!
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A big thank you to Simply Bhangra for their continued support!

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