Jasmine Sandlas Goes Solo

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Jasmine has decided to part ways with her team-mates at "Diamond Lane" based in Pittsburg, Bay Area. Her goal now is to extend her music career as an independent artist.

"With my previous team, you see, we were constantly facing conflicts of interest. It came to a point where we were doing everything else BUT music. The relationship had run its course by the end of 2010. Since everyone on the team was pursuing thier own personal interests, it was time to focus on myself, " said Jasmine.

As an independent artist, she is back in the studio finally working on her solo career. "This time, she says, I am creating music for my fans that represents me. I am designing my own music career. I feel like my fans have been cheated in the past and it's time that i give them the music that they deserve." The new album would represent her style of punjabi pop with an American urban feel. She plans to pursue the best suitable major label and management company for the launch of this album which she will be travelling to India for soon. She is also interested in collaborating with other artists in the music industry.

Stay tuned for more updates coming shortly i.e. album name and release dates.