Nick Chowlia Transforms Delhi 2 Dublin Track

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Canada’s foremost Asian Music Producer, Nick Chowlia’s latest music collaboration with genre-busting group, Delhi 2 Dublin (D2D), releases on April 26th, 2011.

Chowlia’s musical efforts have transformed D2D’s opening song “Master Crowley” from their 2010 album, Planet Electric into an energetic amplified version that invokes more East into the original spirited song. The mash-up is entitled ‘Master Crowley vs. Mr. Chowlia’ (Remix) and elevates the D2D sound to new Canadian-based Bhangra/Celtic heights.

{audio}media/Music/Apr11/Master Crowley vs Mr Chowlia Remix(1).mp3{/audio} - Listen Here!

“This collaboration enabled me to utilize my collective musical experience, yet push the envelope with improvisation. The result was a freshly infused “Master Crowley” that adds a new twist to the original,” noted Chowlia. ‘Master Crowley vs. Mr. Chowlia’ (Remix) will be available on iTunes Worldwide.



boy chana
0 #2 boy chana 2011-04-27 14:39
..ashke!! bai ji!! wicked refix hai hai !sarangi and sitars you shld have renamed teh refix - delhi 2 canada via smethwick! we need to talk bro
0 #1 sabah. 2011-04-26 21:32
love this beat, so catchy

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