En Karma perform live in Las Vegas alongside Malkit Singh

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En Karma were joined on stage with the legendary Malkit Singh in a show at Las Vegas, Check out what went down!

It's not every day that one gets the opportunity to be in the presence of such grace and royalty... but on April 9th, 2011 we were "GOLDEN STAR" struck when asked by the legendary Malkit Singh to join him onstage for a live set.

So the story goes... We arrived in Vegas on a chilly but well lit night. Upon arrival, we were escorted to an artist’s reception held at what looked to be like P Diddy's Palace, overlooking a lake with surrounding palm trees. WOW..... The contrast is just amazing, as one minute you're at home packing a suitcase, the next you're sitting beside a pool chatting with the King of Bhangra. We could go on about how memorable this night was for us but the ultimate highlight was getting to know Malkit Singh on more of a personal level.  His successes lie in the fact that he is not only a talented and accomplished performer but an overall genuine and kind person.

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When Malkit Singh asked us to join him onstage, a nervous excitement flooded En Karma's veins...  Who are we to say no?


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