Daler Mehndi's 'Live Wire' Promo

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Daler Mehndi is the biggest phenomena from the Indian soil. A priest’s son born at Takht Sri Patna Sahib, Bihar,India is a prolific song writer, composer, Record Label owner, producer, environmentalist and a philanthropist – all packaged into one.

Check out the promo of his upcoming video by Bhardwaj Films.

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+1 #5 cruzz 2011-03-24 03:05
W/e you twats gotta say about this guy, he is one of the guys that would make me jump up n do bhangra whether it was a wedding or grandma's house...he holds the respect of a whole generation ! Haters provide with the necessary attention talent really needs.
chiina jatt
-1 #4 chiina jatt 2011-03-20 20:39
i never rely liked this guy his music is annoying there no way he will be able to match up to the other singers he might aswell quit or maybe hes run out of money so hes come back to make a little more lol
pop star
-2 #3 pop star 2011-03-19 15:05
Belay Belay.. the over weight Kebab has got him self out of them skin tight cat suits. and into a jacket made from the slums in india.

but reagrdless how he look!! he brings in new tracks and smashers!
harbans fuddu
-2 #2 harbans fuddu 2011-03-19 04:05
Quoting Rex:
Yes he is "bigger than the Beatles" because he is fatter than them (combined).

hahahahahahahah ahahahaha.. funniest i'v ever heard
0 #1 Rex 2011-03-19 00:28
Yes he is "bigger than the Beatles" because he is fatter than them (combined).

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