DJ Outlaw ft. Maninder Shinda - Sweetnezz (Video)

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Check out the full video by DJ Outlaw featuring vocals of Maninder Shinda on the single Sweetnezz, which is out now!

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Website out soon -

Sweetnezz (feat. Maninder Shinda and Surinder Shinda) - Single - DJ Outlaw



Dj mTC
-3 #8 Dj mTC 2011-02-23 00:42
i agree with dj freeze- fukin fat slag
Dj Freeze
-3 #7 Dj Freeze 2011-02-23 00:14
mr.singhs tryin to hard- supposed to be reppin sikhi nt tryin to pull sum slag- gud track need a beta video thou :/
black n yellow
-2 #6 black n yellow 2011-02-18 16:27
Pop Star u Jealous Twat!! u must be a retard! The effort that you put into the comment, try putting that much effort into doing something productive with you're life!! U Freakin LOSER!! Cant believe there are people out there who would try to put somebody down, just cus they are trying to make a go of something- The tune isnt my cup of tea, bu i give props for trying!

Pop Star i bet you wouldnt say that to his face?? LMAOOOO PUSYY!
pop star
+2 #5 pop star 2011-02-17 14:36
Video: 0/10
starts with Mr Monkey Magic walking in his Bright red track suit! he must of asked his homies 'how do i look?' replyed: ' hai hai Maching Maching like your dj scratching for comic relief' lol.

moves on by going into a pit hole known as crak heads den lol

Monkey Magic hits jack pot and see's DJ Decks... Girl pops out, Monkey Magic has to look hard and pull the girl!

2 kids: Kadu and Ladu, look through the window and Mr Monkey Magic getting his tick tack on lol.

Then Monkey Magic dose his ultimate trick: puts his slimey arm around the girl and go into a club.. new clothes and everything! belay belay!

Thats the plot!

Tattoo on his neck: Whack!

Music: 0/10

overall: 0/10

Dont try again! and lose some weight you got a Gut bro! IF ITS ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE: COMIC RELIEF THEN PROPS FOR LOOKING LIKE A PRAT TO RAISE MONEY.
-1 #4 SInghhhhh 2011-02-15 16:29
this is carp seroisly! we need better music this aint punjabi music! cmon wer droppin our standars like hindi music!
lil focker
+2 #3 lil focker 2011-02-15 09:04
same girl from dj harvey vid Ehni Sohni
+1 #2 mizraaa 2011-02-15 08:20
Yoo this mix is tight pure raw talent loving the scatching.
Unknown DJ
+1 #1 Unknown DJ 2011-02-15 08:02
How do you hear anything with the headphones outside the hoodie?

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