Rishi Rich to Join Timbalands Camp

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After months of back forth to America meeting various labels and management Legend producer has decided to join sunset entertainment group who work with the likes of Timbaland, Jim Beanz, and Diddy.

Producing massive super hits for his artists for the last decade Rishi Rich has decided to branch out and accept some of the many offers and invitations he has had in last 5 years from American labels and production houses.

One of the reasons why this bridge was not crossed earlier was his sheer commitment to his company, artists and music industry within the Desi scene.

Responsible for the success of the likes of Jay Sean, Mumzy Stranger and other world class ethnic acts he will now also nurture the likes of Ashanti, Danity Kane, Jamie Foxx, Keri Hilson,Nelly Furtado, Shakira and of course Timbaland.

Mike "Daddy" Evans of Timbaland Productions states

"I've had the pleasure to know the very talented Rishi Rich for a few years now and am honoured to now welcome him officially to the Sunset Entertainment Group family. We are happy to have Rishi and his songwriter Veronica and are very excited for the future."

Waleed Jahangir of Mumbai Rouge and Rishi Rich Productions 

“Rishi reached a glass ceiling a long time ago in UK, this was a long time coming. He has just always been very passionaite about our artists and putting them first, Rishi and Veronicas song writing and track productions skills will fully be utilised only now in my opinion and the true potential will be unleashed”

Rishi Rich States

“This is something me and veronica have always wanted to give our sound to the mainstream across the globe yet retaining the ethnic vibe.  I will still be working with all my artists at Rishi Rich Productions and Mumbai Rouge in UK, however this amazing opportunity will only elevate the whole industry.  We are very humbled to join the Sunset Family"

His two companies Rishi Rich Productions and Mumbai Rouge will be business as normal flying back and forth between projects.



parm preciousdj
0 #3 parm preciousdj 2011-07-16 16:25
Mr Bollywood - Romy Shay New Artist from Rishi Rich Camp Watch This SPace for the new album out soon...
+1 #2 kazzy 2011-02-05 09:27
Does anyone really cares about the fake H dhami! One album release blonde munda lol. Good luck to RR and Veronica hopefully we should see bhangra in mainstream charts who knows.
Mr. X
0 #1 Mr. X 2011-02-04 23:31
u gotta wonder what will hap[censored] to H Dhami as im sure hes not gonna be signed with Timbaland is he??

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