Manni Sandhu set to launch Door Ni Kulne & Bottle

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Having created a buzz in the market and touted by leading industry representatives as “one to look out for”, Bhangra producer Manni Sandhu will be hitting screens and airwaves soon with a fresh batch of tracks.

With two mixtapes under his belt, ‘The Demo’ and ‘Mutual Concept’, we last heard from Manni Sandhu in 2008 with his debut single ‘Pawara’. Since then he has been working on new material and the young talent, who is self-taught and partly trained on the keyboard, harmonium and tumbi has been gaining followers with videos of his musical sessions via social networks.

Now signed to Brown Boi Music, Manni Sandhu has two new tracks ready to be unleashed. ‘Door Ni Kulne’ featuring the distinguishable vocals of Manak-E and ‘Bottle’ featuring another big Bhangra star - Lehmber Hussainpuri. Look out for further information, music and videos coming soon.

Check out the teaser below

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ashleigh kaur
+1 #3 ashleigh kaur 2011-03-21 10:57
lol yhh door ni kulne lovin the vibe n da way he mixed the 2 waz amazin lol
the song is sikkk
n he is pegg:)
n he gnna be at the lesta mela dis year woop woop excited x
DJ Jagz
+1 #2 DJ Jagz 2010-10-07 19:54
Big Tune From My Boy Manni Sandhu!!!
+1 #1 Pindiiee 2010-09-27 19:40
Thiss soundss greaat.. cant waitt for thaa full song :lol:

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