Introducing Preet Mani & 'Yaari'

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Preet Mani which is taken from his first name Manpreet is a punjabi vocalist and songwriter from Brampton, Ont. Preet Mani has been leaving marks in the Punjabi music industry since late 2008 with his track entitled "Maye" and "Sadha Avtar". Preet has also been featured on 2 of Dj Ksr's Mixtapes "808 + Dhol Breaks" and his latest "Forever" Mixtape. Preet Mani is currently working with Mahesh Mulwani who is his musical instructor who has assisted with various compositions and musical styles. To Continue, Preet has showcased his positive energy and melodic skills throughout various performances at many local events including "When Lions Roar" as well as the "2010 Music Week Festival". Preet Mani has worked with many local artists from the likes of Humble the Poet, Wyze Wonda, Jt Saund, Mc JD, and has worked with many producers and Dj's like Dj Ksr.

Not one to put limits on his creative output or corner himself into the generic sound of modern day punjabi music, Preet's global experiences have inspired him to incorporate an array of hip-hop and modern day "desi" music influences into his style.

Preet Mani gained much popularity from such tracks as "Sadha Avtar", "Maye", "Akh Mastani" which is from the 2010 Dj Ksr Mixtape entitled "Forever" and his latest 2010 single "Yaari" which featured "Wyze Wonda".

Preet Mani is currently working with FlatLine Productionz for his upcoming online mixtape which will feature some of his older and much more recent work.

2010-"Yaari" -feat Wyze Wonda
2010-Akh Mastani”- Dj Ksr’s "Forever Mixtape

2009-"Maye" feat Shajid Ali Khan
2009-"Sadha Avtar" feat Humble the Poet

Yaari - Preet Mani feat. Wyze Wonda

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0 #12 deeeeeeepa 2010-09-01 18:39
Quoting urbansound:
this guy looks like Michael Jackson with a turban, he cant actually love to hear him hold a single note in length. the only good thing was the quality of the video.

Bhangra's just getting better n better.

he can sing ... if you bothered to check his other videos then you will find out :)
-2 #11 Laloo 2010-08-30 02:37
Actually my friend, i do tie a pugh which is much bigger than his.His pugh is the size of my putaka.
This song sucks, its like other shit songs out there
Raja Virdi
+2 #10 Raja Virdi 2010-08-26 06:07
sikkkkk track b
keep it coming! and nice pag preet mani man i wanna learn how you tie it
0 #9 RaajRK 2010-08-25 23:47
is he a afgan singh..he looks it and in the video there is some nex older that looks like a afgan papa singh from southall lol.pause at 2:37
-3 #8 urbansound 2010-08-25 22:57
this guy looks like Michael Jackson with a turban, he cant actually love to hear him hold a single note in length. the only good thing was the quality of the video.

Bhangra's just getting better n better.
Malton Boyz
0 #7 Malton Boyz 2010-08-25 19:08
I like this song.. totally different than other songs you hear nowdays. mad respectt to Preet Mani.. for bringing this kinda punjabi song in the music punjabi music industry
keep it up.
Preeti Dhaliwal
-2 #6 Preeti Dhaliwal 2010-08-25 18:54
damn he is sooooo hottt
-1 #5 AP 2010-08-25 03:37
i seriously dont know wat people r thinking according to me its 1 if the most different sngs ive heard in a while.great sng u feel like u wnn hear it.
+1 #4 RE: Introducing Preet Mani & 'Yaari'Opher 2010-08-24 21:07
Personally, I think the song is catchy not too sure what other listeners are looking for, i appreciate the different approach - a catchy hip hop/[censored] tune.

What kind of pugh is he wearing? i'm pretty confident that the person who wrote that comment probably has a fauhaux lol at least the guy is wearing a pugh!!
Desi Desi
0 #3 Desi Desi 2010-08-24 19:47
i dont really care about his look...turban shaves are just taking this stuff to another level!! anyways vocals and music jus plain suck..should have s[censored]t ur money a little wiser my friend
0 #2 Laloo 2010-08-24 18:37
Some of the funniest looking guys there. Learn how to tie proper pugs ! What kind of pug is Preet Mani Wearing?
+5 #1 inders.puri 2010-08-24 12:51
this is soo old, simplybhangra you are getting out of touch these days

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