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This press release is accompanied by a prior warning of a sensation which may leave you mesmerised and excited about what you are about to witness.

For those with a sharp memory of short phrases, E3UK was an organisation launched in 2008 specializing in music production and artist management, with a goal to provide high quality music from world renowned artists to the Asian Music audience. After an extensive period of silence, E3UK are finally ready to unveil their extensive line up of projects and artists!

Brace yourselves, are you ready? Up first we present the project that has been a long time coming; Labh Janjua’s solo album. Next up is Nirmal Sidhu’s solo album release, Jaswinder Daghamia’s solo album and finally a release from Nav Sidhu (Son of vocalist Nirmal Sidhu!).

Now for the details! The first release that will lead E3UK from behind the scenes and into the wilderness is Nirmal Sidhu’s first religious release titled “Bandagi”. A self composed album based on the religious figure Baba Farid Ganjshakar Ji, revered by Sikhs, Muslims and Hindu’s alike. He was a Sufi saint whose lineage follows the Chisti order of Sufism, yet he also features prominently in the Guru Granth Sahib scriptures of Sikhism. He not only is a figurehead spiritually but also gave light to Punjabi Literature and poetry, where much of his work appears in Asian Music. From the great Jagjit Singh to the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, all have taken influence and performed the kalaam of the great Baba Farid.

This stimulated Nirmal Sidhu to create his own commemoration of the sacred personality and give a chance to showcase to the music scene a topic close to his heart. Through this medium, we will also witness the introduction of Nav Sidhu, his son and heir who we can expect to feature prominently on forthcoming projects such as DJ Dips future release “This DJ”.

Nirmal Sidhu is also set to release his next solo album via E3UK, which is his follow up to Nai Jeena. He is working with a variety of music producers to bring a release catering for die hard Bhangra fans. With so many hits under his belt from “Char Panj” to “Sher Panjabi”, the forthcoming album will have you dancing to more classic anthems!

As we have mentioned, E3UK will also be debuting the first single of Nav Sidhu, son of acclaimed singer Nirmal Sidhu. Stepping out of his father’s shadow and following in his footsteps (yet making giant leaps of his own!) he will be releasing his debut single “Hai Sohniye” in due course. If Sidhu Senior is anything to go by, Nav Sidhu is sure to cause commotion within the Asian Music scene.

If you haven’t heard of a certain Jaswinder Daghamia, you don’t know what you`ve been missing! An individual who has featured in the limelight recently due to issues regarding his immigration status, amid all the speculation we can confirm Jaswinder Daghamia is still officially here with various projects in the pipeline including work with the Dark MC. After notching up numerous hits in the past couple of years his next solo album release via E3UK will surely be one not to be missed!

Finally, moving on to the pièce de résistance, we have Labh Janjua; a name unto itself that embodies Asian Music. He is responsible for Bollywood bangers from “Jee Karda” (Singh is Kinng OST) and “Soni De Nakhre” (Partner OST) to possibly the biggest global Asian track “Mundian To Bach Ke”. After a prolonged delay, his album is ready release through E3UK featuring the who’s who of Asian music production including Jeeti, Aman Hayer, Jags Klimax, AMX, Notorious Jatt and many more.

All the artists are available for bookings for events, for which contact details are attatched.

Watch out for more information dropping from E3UK right here where each and every release will be showcased!

Artist Bookings:

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