Introducing Humble The Poet

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Appearances can be deceiving, and Toronto based artist Humble The Poet has used every misconception and assumption about him to amplify his message to the masses. Humble The Poet has the ability decompose heavy concepts and articulate them clearly and creatively without sacrificing the essence of the message. His first public release, Voice for the Voiceless, is a social commentary on the Taboos of the South Asian community, and has been the subject of acclaim and reference during public discourse on topics ranging on domestic abuse, violence in the community. Humble The Poet has recently released pieces related to police brutality, illegal deportations, and celebritism of political figures.

Last year Humble The Poet was picked up on the #1 Hip Hop bloggers website and then featured again this year for some more of his work. I would encourage you to check this out, as no other Desi artist has reached this type acclaim outside of the Desi scene.

Download Content Now (2 Mixtapes & 3 Singles)

Humble The Poets Youtube page

Humble The Poets Soundcloud page

Mohamed Said (Exhibit K) - Humble The Poet Ft. Sikh Knowledge & Selena Dhillon

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manny thind
0 #4 manny thind 2010-08-14 05:42
o yaar koi menu dase v eh ki bol rahe ne?????
Mo Bajaj
+1 #3 Mo Bajaj 2010-08-14 05:42
His stuff is solid- enjoy listenin' to it most days out of the week- gotta say, never thought we could bring it like this =)
+1 #2 b. 2010-08-14 00:45
Crazy lyrics!
tavi kaur
+1 #1 tavi kaur 2010-08-13 23:07
simplybhangra working and promoting diverse & cultural issues articles, big up to you lot, just loving this thanks

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