Independant music dominates official download chart

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The last year has seen a dramatic shift in power in the Asian music scene. As the industry has finally caught up with digital age, albeit five years too late, it has also seen a shift in how music is now being distributed in the industry.

The Official Digital download chart has meant that securing your single or album release onto iTunes and other digital platforms is now more important than ever. With iTunes sales of Asian music increasing weekly, it’s no surprise that ABC Digital has led the way for independent labels to secure their music safely onto iTunes.

This weeks Official Digital Chart saw 7 singles under the banner of ABC Digital in the Top 10, a remarkable feat and a strong indication that the industry has finally found a independant and reliable way to get its music onto iTunes.

On one hand it seems Moviebox Ltd have seemingly bought out what little competition remained in the Bhangra industry, but  as strong as Moviebox have become, the growth and elevation of ABC’s Digital Distribution network has given smaller labels and independent artists an outlet onto the market, without having to go through the traditional method of approaching a big label.

The digitalization of the Asian music scene can only be a good thing in bringing it up to date with 2010.

Check out this week’s Top 40 for the Official Download chart here




Gautam ABC
0 #4 Gautam ABC 2010-07-20 00:26
Due to a rare iTunes technical issue, Crowd Pleaser was not available for a short period. We are pleased to announce that the album is now available on:-




The album is a real treat featuring Miss Pooja, The Dhol Foundation, Daljit Mattu, H-Dhami, Master Rakesh & More!!!

The Hitmaker is back :)
-1 #3 observer 2010-07-17 19:10
the only thning holding the asian industry back is the stupidity of artistes and labels! i mean how easy is it to get a hit in itunes top 10? get your mates and family to buy in bulk this is a serious pi$% take! artistes have released album with good line ups and videos that the public have liked but where were they in these stupid charts? bring back traditional charts like they use to be based on the public vote!!!!

so many talented artistes getting left out and not recognised, but come on guys b honest foji may be a fantastic guy but not fantstic singer same for pbn!
balwinder bhatti
-1 #2 balwinder bhatti 2010-07-17 16:15
why do you think PBN's album is not in itunes, okay its rubbish and all he is doing killing himself by releasing the same crap over and over, bulk buying needs to stop by the artists themselves :O
-1 #1 Independent 2010-07-17 14:38
this might be right! but what about all these inde[censored]d ent labels buying thr own tunes to get them into the top ten knowing that are going to egt a return from itunes when they receive payment from them!

this industry is screwed! a label cant sell 200 cd's but a tune gets downloaded 1000 times, i dont think so!! its artistes buying thr own tracks knowing that they are going to get a retur taking out i-tunes commision

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