Laddi Aujas Mundrah Hits The Sunrise Charts!

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With only a few weeks of his music playing in the UK Laddi Aujla has gone straight into the Sunrise Radio Network Chart at Number 12. Laddi Aujla signed to Three Records and is gearing up for the release of his debut album ‘The Beginning’ out May 31st.

Check out the FULL video from Laddi Aujla who releases his first single ‘Mundrah' from his forthcoming album 'The Beginning'.

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The album is produced by Bollywood hit makers RDB. The talented trio is behind some of Bollywoods most popular music in the past three years from Singh is King Khambhakt Ishq and Aloo Chaat featuring Nindy Kaur. The album see’s the mix and blend of traditional RDB music with a modern twist.

Mundrah releases on itunes 27th May 2010 and the Album will release 31st May 2010! - The Home of Bhangra Online

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