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Behind the Scenes of Britasia Music Awards 2010!

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The Britasia Music Awards 2010 was one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the showbiz calendar. Expectations were high and on 2nd May 2010 Simply Bhangra had the opportunity to find out if the first ever Britasia Awards lived up to these expectations.


The ceremony was attended by the crème de la crème of the Asian Music Industry; From Old School legends like Heera, Alaap, Apna Sangeet and Safri to talented newcomers like JK, Jaz Dhami and H Dhami.

There were photo opportunities galore as the stars arrived into the foyer and basked in all the media attention. The artists had gone to great lengths to outshine (literally) each other with their outfits; Malkit Singh arrived in a co-ordinated yellow turban and tie combo, while Sukshinder Shinda dazzled everyone with his sparkly silver shirt.

But, if there was a Britasia Award for most eye-catching outfit it definitely would have been won by Kazz Kumar, who strolled in wearing a gold jacket with gold hotpants reminiscent of Kylie Minogue. Try topping that one guys!

The show hadn’t even started yet and we were already feeling entertained so we couldn’t wait to see the show itself. But with the arrival of Punjabi MC there was an announcement that the show would be delayed by 45 minutes.

Was this the PMC Indian Timing effect or just bad organisation? We think the latter. Many artists were kind enough to keep us entertained while we waited a further hour and a half for the show to commence, especially Apache Indian who gave us a ‘me wan gal from Jullundhur city’ everytime we passed him.

The show finally started at 8.30pm with Hardeep Kohli introducing the first act, JK. The audience applauded enthusiastically as JK walked down the aisle interacting with the crowd and singing ‘Jhoote Laarey’.

This was quite a risky move on JK’s part as, potentially, he could have been mobbed by screaming female fans. But it wasn’t the female fans that JK should have been worried about but the tipsy uncle ji’s who danced merrily alongside him!!

JK won the first award of the evening for best newcomer after giving an outstanding performance. This was followed by further performances from the likes of AG Dolla, Roach Killa and Angrej Ali and Kazz Kumar.

One of the surprise guest appearances of the night was from Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim, who presented the award for best DJ. Although it was a pleasant surprise to have a relatively famous white DJ at the show, it didn’t warrant Hardeep Kohli getting on his knees and bowing down to him as he walked onto stage. Losing your dignity trying to be funny simply doesn’t work.

On a more positive note, it was apparent that all the artists had put extra effort into preparing their performances for the show.

Malkit Singh sang some of his latest tracks as well as his classics wearing a traditional red outfit and was accompanied by Bhangra dancers. The two Dhamis, H and Jaz, were also very impressive.


The Britasia Awards was a showcase of spectacular performances let down by poor organisation, poor security and the compere. It will no doubt become an annual event and we can only hope that it gets better and better each year.

And the winners were......

Best Newcomer: JK
Best DJ: DJ H
Best Alternative Act: Shiva Sound System
Best Urban Act: Mumzy Stranger
Best International Act: Babbu Mann
Best Producer: Sukshinder Shinda
Best Band: DCS
Best Male: Jaz Dhami
Best Album: Imran Khan
Best Video: Sukshinder Shinda
Best Female: Miss Pooja
Outstanding Achievement Award: Malkit Singh

Look out for interviews with some of the award winners coming soon on Simply Bhangra.

Article written by Sarb Mann and Manjinder Mann


-1 #2 ranju 2010-05-04 19:41
awesome, good winners on the day
bhangra fan
-2 #1 bhangra fan 2010-05-03 20:58
love the article, much more than just the ones who won .. now going onto that, surely imran khan best album? jaysean best single? alternative act - shiva sound system, who are they?? much better than the ukama 100%, maybe the next one should consider a section for the many who pr these artists - best site, best pr team :/

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