BC Highschool Bhangra Competition April 25 (Surrey BC Canada)

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…the legacy continues… A warm welcome from BCHBC!

BCHBC Society is a non-profit organization, made entirely of volunteers, that endorses and encourages youth to excel in a traditional dance form that is good for their health and personal development. Our mandate is to provide avid students education awards and scholarship opportunities so that they can excel in higher learning and make future contributions to their community.  BCHBC is pleased to announce that over $ 65,000.00 was offered in awards by the society to BC High School Students at the first ever “BCHBC Scholarship & Awards Banquet” in front of delighted parents, relatives, teachers and other supporters.

The BCHBC championship event is intended as a showcase for secondary school youth to exhibit the art form of Bhangra, an energetic dance form and team sport, throughout the province.

The BCHBC Committee is proud to announce that the 2010 BC Highschool Bhangra Competition will be the most exciting competition yet! This very popular competition has surpassed expectations year after year, growing from a local district event to a large and well-known provincial competition.

This year, get ready for a spectacular event that will blow you away!

Due to the popularity and overwhelming support from the community, this competition has grown leaps and bounds. This event has been sold out year after year and has definitely outgrown its original venue at the NDSS theatre, so the competition is now held at the Bell Performing Arts Centre in Surrey. The competition will be held this year on Sunday, April 25th, 2010.

The British Columbia High School Bhangra Competition is the only official Bhangra contest exclusively for high school students in grades 8 through 12. Competing youth must currently be enrolled and registered as a student in the Province of British Columbia Secondary School System. In addition, participating individual teams must be entirely formed of students from the high school they are representing. Each school is allowed to enter only one team in the provincial competition.

BCHBC Society invites you to come and support the community’s rising school stars perform in the 4th annual BC High School Bhangra Competition 2010!

“It takes a whole community to raise an educated and cultured child.”

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