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To mark the release of the brand new 'Absolut Bhangra Vol 4' album; Mix masters DHOL BEAT INTERNATIONAL have teamed up with to offer a once in a life time opportunity to all remix DJ's out there! (Click here for info on Absolut Bhangra 4)

After listening to all enterants, we have finally come down to the TOP 10 remixes of 'PUNJABIYAN DHE DHOL'

Listen to them all below and vote for your favourite!

{audio}/media/Music/Apr10/dbicompetition/DJ Bir - Punjabiyan Dhe Dhol (Remix).mp3{/audio} DJ BIR

{audio}/media/Music/Apr10/dbicompetition/Master Kunal - Punjabiyan Dhe Dhol Remix.mp3{/audio} Master Kunal

{audio}/media/Music/Apr10/dbicompetition/Punjabiyan Dhe Dhol - Labh Janjua ( Electro Dhol Base Remix by DCS DYNASTY djNavi ).mp3{/audio} DJ Navi (DCS DYNASTY)

{audio}/media/Music/Apr10/dbicompetition/Punjabiyan Da Dhol - slambassdar.mp3{/audio} Slambassador

{audio}/media/Music/Apr10/dbicompetition/DJ ranCAN - DBI - Punjabian Dhe Dhol [Bhangra Flex Remix].mp3{/audio} DJ ranCAN

{audio}/media/Music/Apr10/dbicompetition/Punjabiyan Dhe Dhol - dj man up.mp3{/audio} DJ MAN UP

{audio}/media/Music/Apr10/dbicompetition/Genuine Soundz Ft DBI Labh Janjua - Punjabiyan Dhe Dhol.mp3{/audio} Genuine Soundz

{audio}/media/Music/Apr10/dbicompetition/DJ ICE ft. Dholi Fresh -Punjabian De Dhol.mp3{/audio} DJ Ice & Dholi Fresh

{audio}/media/Music/Apr10/dbicompetition/ParasiteDARK - Punjabian De Dhol - Labh Janjua and DBI.mp3{/audio} ParasiteDARK

{audio}/media/Music/Apr10/dbicompetition/PUNJABIYAN DA DHOL DnB mix dj raz.mp3{/audio} DJ Raz



What does the winner get?

  • The winning remix will be placed on the next D.B.I album (with full credits to the winning DJ)
  • The winning DJ will get a running feature on, showcasing their work via the biggest online Bhangra portal!
  • Awarded the official remix champion of 2010
  • Interviewed by

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