Brit Asia Music Awards 2010 Nominees announced

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Asian Act

Kaz Kumar (KUMAR)

Imran Khan – Unforgettable (IMRAN)

Shizzio (SHIZZIO)

Jaz Dhami (DHAMI)

Jaz Dhami JD (JD)

Jay Sean (JAY)


Jay Sean - All or Nothing (JAY)

Sef (SEF)

Mumzy (MUMZY)

Surjit Khan Headliner (SURJIT)

Mumzy (MUMZY)

Jaswinder Daghamia (DAGHAMIA)

Sukshinda Shinda - Collaborations2 (SHINDA)

Ag dolla (DOLLA)

Roach Killa (KILLA)

PBN Homegrown (PBN)

Roach Killa (KILLA)



Urban Act

Rahat Fateh Khan (RAHAT)

Imran khan –Amplifier (IMRAN)

Jay Sean (JAY)

Miss Pooja  (POOJA)

Jaz Dhami - Theke Wali (DHAMI)

Chipmunk  (CHIPMUNK)

Manohan Waris (WARIS)

JK - Pat Liya (JK)

Tinchy Stryder (TINCHY)

Gurdass Mann (GURDAS)

Sukshinder Shinda - Gum Suhm (SHINDA)

Dizzee Rascal (RASCAL)

Babbu Mann (BABBU)

Dark MC - Chori Chori (DARK)

Sway (SWAY)

Hadiqa Kiani (HADIQA)

Jay Sean Down (JAY)

Bashy (BASHY)




Rishi Rich (RICH)

Talvin Singh (TALVIN)

Imran Khan (IMRAN)

Aman Hayer (HAYER)

Sukh Knight (KNIGHT)

Jaz Dhami (DHAMI)

Eren E (EREN)

Niraj Chag (NIRAJ)

Jay Sean (JAY)

Sukshinder Shinda (SHINDA)

Shiva Soundsystem (SHIVA)

Sukshinder Shinda (SHINDA)

Tru Skool (TRU)

Asian Dub Foundation (DUB)

Malkit Singh (MALKIT)


Fusing Naked Beats (FUSING)

Angrej Ali (ANGREJ ALI)




Dark MC - Chori Chori (DARK)

Dj H (DJH)

Miss Pooja (POOJA)

Jay Sean Down (JAY)

DJ Vix (VIX)

Hadiqa Kiani (HADIQA)

Taje - B.I.G (TAJE)

Jags Klimax (KLIMAX)

Hard Kaur (HARD)

Shinda - Gum Suhm (SHINDA)

Panjabi MC (PMC)

Kaz Kumar (KUMAR)

Des-C - Jiska Hasna (JISKA)

DJ Gurps (GURPS)

Karen David (KAREN)

Amplifier - Imran Khan (IMRAN)

DJ Kayper (KAYPER)

Amar (AMAR)



Sukshinder Shinda & Band (SHINDA)

Alaap (ALAAP)

En Karma (KARMA)

Jazzy B and Band (JAZZY)

Malkit Singh & Band (MALKIT)


Fans of British Asian Music can vote now via the Text lines which are now open!

Fans can vote by texting TEXT 64343 + NAME OF CATEGORY + ARTIST

Fans of British Asian Music can text to vote for their favorite Artist.

Guide to Voting:

Step 1: Text ‘64343’

Step 2: Enter Category, i.e. ‘Newcomer’

Step 3: Enter Artists’ name, i.e. for Kazz Kumar (KUMAR)

Fans can vote as many times as they like!

Winners will be announced on the 2nd May, 2010 at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham – to celebrate the best of British Asian Talent

Texts cost £1 per text and voters are charged at the network rate.

For more info on voting log on to & for Terms and Conditions on voting please ring 0207 940 7474 or visit

Text is charged at £1, plus the cost the standard network text - if voters are under 16 please ask for the Bill Payers permission before voting.
*Voters are advised that your service provider may limit your texting capacity and may still charge you.


Ammaarah Tabussam
+1 #6 Ammaarah Tabussam 2010-05-22 21:05
IMRAN KHAN GOOD LUCk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
0 #5 Ish 2010-05-02 23:28
The winners are:

Best Newcomer: JK
Best Urban Asian: Mumzy Stranger
Best Single/ Best Urban Act: Jay Sean
Best Male: Jaz Dhami
Best Video/ Best Producer: Sukshinder Shinda
Best DJ: DJ H
Best Female: Miss Pooja
Best Band: Shin Dcs
Outstanding Achievement: Malkit Singh
Best Album: Imran Khan
Best Alternative: Shiva Sound System
Best International: Babbu Mann
santa sk
-1 #4 santa sk 2010-04-06 00:57
its fixed and seriously the money should go to a good cause, why do we have these kind of awards for? just seen a video of how disgraceful these artists can be so why support them to win awards, sucks
0 #3 supporter 2010-04-05 22:55
put ur mmoney to decent use. give ur pound to a gurdwara, mandar, mosque , church or similar and make your pound count. even a vharity. dont waste it on this pathetic award ceromony. it will be misused.
+1 #2 khalid. 2010-04-02 10:54
agree why should one pay? and what is hap[censored]in g to all the money made going to, britasia conning people
-1 #1 balle_vi 2010-04-02 09:39
the categories and nominees looks more legit then ukama's, but y the fuk wud we wanna pay to vote. voting should be free ukamas did it for free and they was fixed

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