Perfect Magazine launches in the UK

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Who are Perfect Mag?

Our aim at Perfect Asian is to offer our readers a complete ‘perfect’ magazine, which differs whilst guaranteeing something
for everyone. We want to impact the diverse and dynamic
community across the UK as well as abroad. Why should you choose us over other magazines? The answer is simple. We are different!

It’s time for change. The third and even fourth generation of British Asians are more diverse than ever – they are not confined to boundaries and they know exactly what they want! They want…………. something different.

We, at Perfect Asian, provide this by:
• High editorial content
• A wide spectrum of topics – not just a catalogue
• Real life issues faced by today’s generation of British Asians
• Providing a platform to showcase emerging talents
• A portal to introduce international talent into the UK Market

And the list continues with our regular features; Home, Beauty and Hair, Health, Wedding, Life, Food, Entertainment, Travel, Business, Men’s Section, and exclusive interviews with influential Asians across the globe.


MR Singh
0 #3 MR Singh 2010-03-18 11:17
i dont think its aiming to be a snoop magazine as i picked it up and it is seems very different!
dal gill
0 #2 dal gill 2010-03-16 14:02
sounds good, but it will never be a snoop magazine
0 #1 Ricky1 2010-03-12 10:38
Seems like a interesting magazine!

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