BBC Asian Network set to close down

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The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) are set to launch a wide ranging of cost cutting measures in order to cut costs.

According to reputable News source 'The Times', BBC Director General Mark Thompson will outline a series of measures to cut costs, involving the full closure of its digital platform BBC Asian Network.

It is yet unclear how how or when the BBC Asian Network will be facing closure, but one thing is certain is that it proves another obstacle in the resurgence of the ailing Asian Music scene in the UK.

Full Times Article can be read here


0 #9 MJA 2010-03-17 01:53
I dont by the argument about not playing bhangra.
That's the socalled industry's (hustlers and gross uncles) problem not BBC asianetwork's problem.
How much bhangra has been released the last year? It's because the bhangra itself wanted to play rnb mainstrem hookers all the way - that killed the music....
Its a racistic blow agianst new music genres like asian dubstep - Frition is a pure messiah to new music. Its a cultural disaster. If i were british asian i would collectively boycot all bbc related industry and stop paying for anything - they would feel that - trust me..
+1 #8 admin 2010-03-01 16:21
The BBC has received more than 2,500 complaints from the public about controversial plans to reduce the scope of its operation by cutting services including 6 Music and the Asian Network.

The BBC, which is expected to officially announce the full details of its proposed package of cuts tomorrow, has received a total of 2,398 complaints about the possible closure of radio stations 6 Music and Asian Network.

Some 2,313 complaints called for 6 Music to be saved but just 85 lodged their displeasure at the proposed closure of the Asian Network.

The BBC Trust, which will launch a public consultation about the corporation's proposals later this month, is also understood to have received several hundred complaints about the BBC's cutback plans.

The campaign to save 6 Music gathered pace this morning when it emerged that shadow culture minister Ed Vaizey, who on Friday broadly welcomed the corporation's proposals, admitted that he was now a fan of the digital music station and believed it would be saved.

The campaign to save 6 Music, which includes a Facebook group, has been around since last year when rumours that it might be cut back first emerged. However the trickle of complaints to the BBC turned into a flood over the weekend after details apparently confirming the closure emerged on Friday.

The proposed cuts sparked a furious reaction, with #savebbc6music one of the most popular messages on Twitter and more than 70,000 people signing up to the Facebook page to rescue the digital radio station.
+1 #7 HARVZZZZ 2010-02-26 21:54
im agreeing with rockafella, they started goin with the bollywood stuff to much, bhangra was outcasted..not tht many people used to listen to the bakwaas shows such as adil ray etc they ruined the bhangra i think and wont be missed! WE ALWAYS HAVE SIMPLYBHANGRA!
+1 #6 mazi 2010-02-26 14:55
Valid point made and even though we should be pushing for a diverse listening setup, they do kind of favor who they like. Bhangra has been a low of a priority on their \'a list\' for some time for sure. Backup commerical radios, about time they got something out all the public money :) after all they are the ones who push the artists..
+1 #5 rockafella 2010-02-26 13:04
Continued from below post..

Yes this is a bad thing for Asian Music but at the same time it will give oppurtunity for others to represent our music in a more positive and realistic way.Asian Network always seem to play and push the same old acts over n over and it was becoming so transparent.

one important factor..please take note! IF YOU PLAY MORE BHANGRA watch your listeners flood in. All your bhangra fans have turned away from bbc and all your left with is the one or two confused ones who have been sucked into what the asian network see as bhangra and uk asian music. In reality BBC Asian Network has been pushing a lot of crap what simply doesnt appeal to people.
+1 #4 rockafella 2010-02-26 13:03
This was coming. The Asian Network has been going downhill for quite some time. [censored] Stations such as Raaj, Xl and so on are actually doing much better.
The Asian Network was failing to provide listeners with what they really want to hear and a mojority of it was bhangra. Asian Network choose to play what they wanted. They are and were trying to give there view on what asian music is in uk. Instead these presenters n so on were more concerned with their own limelight and self promotion.
desi kazzy
0 #3 desi kazzy 2010-02-26 11:13
Quote “They’re ditching a lot of the Asian stuff and replacing it with mainstream trivia. Who wants that? You can get that on Radio 1. It’s becoming an Asian Radio 1 basically.”

What are the benefits of keeping something like this when clearly recently there have been so many negative things coming out of the station?

Do people see any positive things?

I fail to understand how the BBC can waste over £100m on a building and then cut a core part of its remit! Why have none of the major parties come out and made a stand on this?

Britain\'s most successful (and publicly owned) brands being cut down by the free marketers. A great shame. The BBC has given us so much high quality, from free view and HD to net catch-up. So that\'s the beginning of the end of that then.

The Murdochs will rule with their soft porn, political toe licking version of information - or is about time this hap[censored]ed ?
About time..
+1 #2 About time.. 2010-02-26 07:30
It should go - all the presenters work for britasia anyway :-* and honestly they do NOT support the industry?

It is amazing how the station is allowed to bash religions yet we pay 25 million pounds a year to fund a station that is segregated from the integrated britain we live in! It is hardly diversity having a separate asian station that has no black or white presenters or who are none asian working on shows.

Adil Ray gets away with alot of things and his jokes are 'emotional abuse' and people do find them hurtful. His weekly message boards is a total disgrace.

"Stations like BBC Asian Network do little to encourage integration and social cohesion because they allow communities to ghettoize themselves."

I read the above on http://www.inde[censored]dent. and there are many other issues raised and I support the time for big cutbacks there, we have our commercial radios to support who do more 'hands on' work for the communities.
save it
+1 #1 save it 2010-02-26 02:07
noooooo!! they cant do this :|:|:|

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