H-Dhami set to release 'Sadke Java' Remix Album

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What’s up with H-Dhami? Oh so much! Get ready for an amazing 2010 and rediscover the tracks, videos and overall magic of the Bhangra Baadshah.

His debut album, ‘Sadke Java’ left an indelible impact on the music world as the largest selling Bhangra album of 2008. H-Dhami’s updated Bhangra vibe brought home some impressive accolades including: UK AMA for Best Newcomer 2008 and the Best International Bhangra Artist by MTV Pakistan in 2009.

H is constantly touring the world and performing to sold out crowds as well as some extremely elite audiences like Shilpy Shetty’s wedding reception. He has also won over audiences as a great producer with his Desi spin on Mumzy Stranger’s track ‘One More Dance’.

Rishi Rich’s prodigy is geared up for an incredibly strong 2010. H will be touring internationally in places like Kenya, North America and various spots in Europe and Asia. His second album is all set to drop in 2010, but before that, he will be releasing a ‘Sadke Java’ remix album and DVD that will give his fans an inside look to life as H-Dhami.



-2 #1 CC 2010-02-18 03:50
i cant stand ppl that only PA it doesn't show their tru talent if you could do a full gig with a live band then i would give him more credit but his debut album was solid gotta give it to H but all these ppl need to get off the PA

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