En Karma Brings Bhangra to the 2010 Olympics (Vancouver)!

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En Karma Brings Bhangra to the 2010 Olympics (Vancouver)!


En Karma, will showcase their unique style and represent Bhangra to the world at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. These well-known artists are about to break into the world music scene with the tremendous opportunity to play for the prestigious event. They are the only 100% live Bhangra band out of North America and a true treat! These guys are brilliant!  They surely are being noticed by the mainstream Bhangra audience.  En Karma are also backing and collaborating with the likes of Indian superstar KS Makhan and the UK legend Shin from DCS at the 2010 Olympics, and sharing the same stage with Tigerstyle.

Check out their heart-pounding, high energy performance at any or all of these venues:

February 13th, 8:30pm & 10pm (KS Makhan)
Surrey 2010 Celebration Site (Holland Park, Surrey B.C).

February 24th, 10:15pm
Richmond O Zone – Minoru Park, Richmond, B.C.

February 27th, 7pm
Quantum Bhangra (Shin DCS & Vince Mai) Queen Elizabeth Theater, Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver B.C.’s premier Bhangra band En Karma embodies a uniqueness that is rare amid the global Bhangra scene. The boys of En Karma – Ravi (Dhol), Pip (drums), JP (Dholak), Rick (bass) Nick (keys) and Inder (vocals) are all exceptional musicians in their own right. They write, record, and play everything as a collective, collaborating with only the select few who share their vision. Together, they have created a sound that strikes the perfect balance between traditional Bhangra and contemporary fusion. You will find elements of rock, reggae and R&B in En Karma’s music, but from the backbone of Bhangra they never stray.

Stay tuned as this driven group of musicians strive to bring Bhangra music to forefront of the music scene in 2010. The style, sound and undeniable dance beats of En Karma make them a sure hit with any crowd, from traditional to modern to just plain curious. They deliver on all accounts, and will leave the audience on their feet, cheering for an encore!


dal daliwall
+1 #2 dal daliwall 2010-02-08 22:59
I saw these guys live last week. They were amazing!!!! They said that the their debut album is dropping in April...
On a radio interview, they also said that they are collaberating with H-Dhami on their album.
Cant wait.........
0 #1 sumoo 2010-02-05 09:36
Is there anything else these lads working on? It seems that they only have the one song :/

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