Behind the scenes with Y-Vern Beats

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Check some exclusive behind the scenes footage with production trio Y-Vern Beats. You can see them in the world famous Planet Studios. 'Jatt Punjabi' their debut single is out 29th January on iTunes!

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Y-Vern Beats ft Bakshi Billa 'Jatt Punjabi' out January 29th on iTunes


+1 #1 BhangraCrtitc 2010-01-26 23:45
WOW Jatt Punjabi sum serious Original Lyrics used there....NOT. From listening to the trak its catchy everything about the track has been dun before to the [censored]s used to the catchy tumbi beat and the sarangi solo.... Will Defo be a club banger can see ma self dancing to it and yelling out Jatt this and JAtt that..... however give it a month or so and it will be a distant memory.

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