A Blockbuster Year for RDB

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Internationally acclaimed group, RDB (Kuly, Manj, Surj & Nindy Kaur) have had nothing less than an epic year. When taking their first steps in Bollywood with tracks such as Rafta Rafta and Singh is King, these artists have soared to unimaginable heights. 2009 started off with a bang as Nindy Kaur was introduced to Bollywood with two tracks, Aloo Chaat and Boliyaan. Both became instant favorites to fans across the world, especially in India, as these tracks were featured by a few performers on the show 'Boogie Woogie.' With the success of their music in 'Aloo Chaat,' it was understood that more was to come from this unmatched group. Following Aloo Chaat, their next major hit was Om Mangalam, from the film, 'Kambaqtht Ishq.' The track was featured in all the movie promos across the world and landed the #1 position on many Bollywood music charts as well. And if three songs wasn't enough, RDB have ended the year with one last Bollywood project; they re-composed their worldwide hit, Paisa, for Akshay Kumar's latest film, 'De Dana Dan,' featuring Manak-E. The track has become so successful that it's held the #1 for the past five weeks.

Aside from their Bollywood projects, RDB and Nindy Kaur have been traveling the world, performing for thousands of fans in the US, Canada, UK, Dubai, and India, to say the least. They've even took over some of the largest theme parks in the US, over the summer, as RDB & Nindy Kaur were touring, giving away CDs, and meeting their fans.  When asked about this experience, Manj stated, "It was great performing in front of all the crowds at the theme parks; plus we got to go on the rides too, haha!"

2009 has nearly come to an end, and there was no finer way for RDB & Nindy Kaur to end the year. The group was invited to and perform
at the wedding reception of the year: Shilpa Shetty & Raj Kundra's. The group was was personally requested, by Shetty, to attend and perform. The reception took place on November 24, 2009 at the Grand Hyatt Ballroom and was nothing less than spectacular. RDB took the stage for an hour and performed many of their hit songs. One song in particular which they performed, Mashoor, meaning "famous," was specially composed for Shilpa and Raj. The feedback from the guests after hearing the track was so exciting that they've decided to make this a single for their forthcoming album, Worldwide.
And if an exuberant performance wasn't enough, they mingled and dined with the Who's-Who of Bollywood from actors Ashwariya Rai Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Sunil Shetty, Samera Reddy to social elite & entrepreneur Kiran Bawa.

RDB's forthcoming album, Worldwide, will be releasing in 2010. The first single to be released from their album is Akhiyan
. Over the past few months, there has been  heavy promotion of the video with behind-the-scene footage and pictures from the shoot. Nindy Kaur is also in the process of working on her album. She has been a well-kept, secret weapon of RDB and plays a crucial part to their re-launch after three years. Be sure to join RDB & Nindy Kaur’s official Facebook fan-pages. You can also follow RDB & Nindy Kaur via Twitter, and keep updated with their video blogs on their official YouTube.

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