Panjab Radio to launch on National DAB

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From Tuesday 1st December 2009, Panjab Radio, an iconic name in Asian broadcasting, is to be launched in Great Britain on DAB digital radio.

The service will consist of music, news and speech programming mainly in Panjabi and English. Music output includes a mix of modern and traditional Panjabi music. Other speech content includes lifestyle, entertainment and news/current affairs features. The station aims to be inclusive to all people in the UK for whom Panjabi language or music is important, and has programmes with general appeal to Panjabi speakers of all faiths.

“We’re a unique station that serves a unique audience,” said the station’s Managing Director, Surjit Ghuman This is the biggest step for our radio station since its launch and we believe the time is right for us to launch in the UK. We’re grateful to those who’ve supported this initiative and to the thousands of individual listeners

Surjit added “It’s a significant expansion for Panjab Radio which has come a long way since its launch as a satellite station in September 2000, when it was only available on SKY, and in November 2003 in London, West Yorkshire and November 2007 in the West Midlands Panjab Radio was launched on DAB. Panjab Radio will be available to more than 90% of the population from Newcastle to Exeter and Southampton to Glasgow”.

Panjab Radio celebrated nine years on-air in September, this year. It has been riding high after recently subscribing to radio audience measuring body – RAJAR. It has outperformed rival Panjabi stations by grabbing a weekly reach of 61,000 in Q2/09. For Q3/09, Panjab Radio weekly reach peaked at 56,000.

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